2. Housing

Display Boards 3A and 3B: Download

The housing requirement in the draft Wiltshire Core Strategy is a key driver of new housing, with targets being set across the community area. Further details can be found at http://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/wiltshire-core-strategy-pre-submission-document-with-bookmarks-february-2012 – core Policy 19 refers to our area – pages 102 through to 104.

A rural housing needs survey was carried out in February 2012. The aim of carrying out the survey is to investigate the affordable housing need for local people (or those who have a need to live in the parish or the locality) of Cricklade. Download

At its meeting on 22nd October 2012 Cricklade Town Council noted the contents of the Cricklade Town Plan 2012 and recognised that it represented the views of the community as expressed in the first quarter of 2012 and agreed to refer to the plan when taking decisions in the future. The plan is therefore key evidence, which will feed into the development of the Cricklade Neighbourhood Plan. A copy of the Cricklade Town Plan can be found here: Download

Maps of the parish, which are key to the choice of where new housing might be built, are available for download:

  • showing the scheduled ancient monuments within the parish: Download
  • a map of the current framework boundary around the built up area: Download
  • the areas that flood: Download
  • the land proposed for development under the SHLAA: Download

In relation to the last of these maps the following Thames Water position statement is relevant: Download

In addition to the display boards and materials provided by the Neighbourhood Working Party there were a number of other landowners within or adjacent to the framework boundary who were present at the Consultation event. This included:

  • Green Square who had four display boards. One providing an overview/introduction which can be downloaded here, a map of their existing properties within the parish of Cricklade, available here and a map showing potential developments, which can be downloaded here. Finally there was a display board on regeneration projects past and present: Download
  • Mr & Mrs V Mobey whose display can be downloaded here
  • David Wilson Homes displayed two boards with reference to a proposed development at The Forty: Download.
  • Keith Winmill displayed his Hayes Concept development. An outline of the concept can be downloaded here, details of the existing SHLAA site entry here, and details of the potential development here.

Finally, there was a display by Wiltshire Council on their Extra Care Strategy, comprising the following:

  • a factsheet on Extra Care: Download
  • a leaflet on Wiltshire Council’s older people development strategy: Download
  • some photographs from an existing Extra Care facility: Download
  • a proposed Extra Care apartment layout: Download

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