1. Public Open Space

Display Board 2: Download

An outline of the current draft Wiltshire Open Space Standards and high level conclusions from the North Wiltshire Open Space Study as it related to Cricklade: Download

Two maps showing the identified open spaces in the parish of Cricklade – there is a map of the wider area here and also a slightly larger scale map of the built up area here.

A document giving further details, where known, on each of the 41 identified open spaces: Download

In addition to the display boards and materials provided by the Neighbourhood Working Party there was a display by a local resident concerning the common land known as Dance Common. This comprised several components:

You are invited to respond to the questions relating to Open Space on the survey and please feel free to comment on any of the identified open spaces – we are keen to maintain a database of our open spaces and the value placed on them by the community.

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