Key Documents

Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Version March 2018: Download

Easy to read Factsheet: Download

Wiltshire Council Information Statement 29th January 2018: Download

Wiltshire Council Decision Statement 4th January 2018: Download

Independent Examiner’s Report December 2017: Download

Schedule of Amendments required to the April 2017 Draft Plan: Download

Schedule of Responses to the Reg 16 Consultation prior to the Independent Examination: Download

The Draft Plan April 2017: Download

The Consultation Statement records the various stages of consultation with residents, statutory bodies and developers etc, and it details the amendments to the Draft Plan that have been made following the most recent Regulation 14 consultation: Download 

The Basic Conditions Statement sets out how the Draft Plan complies with EU, national and local strategic planning requirements: Download

First Public Consultation Summary Report: Download

Second Public Consultation Summary Report: Download

Report on Road Transport Mitigation Schemes: Download

Open Space Audit: Download

Third Public Consultation Summary Report: Download

Habitats Regulations Assessment: Letter March 2016: Download

Habitats Regulations Assessment: Screening Decision March 2016: Download

Strategic Environmental Assessment: Screening Decision May 2016: Download

Draft Plan 2016: Download

Cricklade Neighbourhood Area

Cricklade Neighbourhood Area Application: Download

Cricklade Neighbourhood Area Decision: Download

First Public Consultation Event

Poster advertising the consultation dates: Download

Flyer delivered to all households in the parish of Cricklade: Download

Second Public Consultation Event

 Questionnaire delivered to all households in the parish of Cricklade: Download

Third Public Consultation Event

Targeted consultation into the draft Vision and Objectives for Cricklade: Download

 Neighbourhood Plan Working Party Notes

18th July 2013: Download

21st August 2013: Download

11th September 2013: Download

9th October 2013: Download

23rd October 2013: Download

13th November 2013: Download

20th November 2013: Download

4th December 2013: Download

8th January 2014: Download

5th February 2014: Download

5th March 2014: Download

27th March 2014: Download

29th May 2014: Download

7th July 2014: Download

30th July 2014: Download

27th August 2014: Download

17th September 2014: Download

15th October 2014: Download

4th February 2015: Download

18th February 2015: Download

4th March 2015: Download

15th April 2015: Download

27th May 2015: Download

10th June 2015: Download

1st July 2015: Download

15th July 2015: Download

29th July 2015: Download

12th August 2015: Download

26th August 2015: Download

9th September 2015: Download

7th October 2015: Download

21st October 2015: Download

4th November 2015: Download

18th November 2015: Download

2nd December 2015: Download

16th December 2015: Download

13th January 2016: Download

27th January 2016: Download

24th February 2016: Download

9th March 2016: Download

24th March 2016: Download

13th April 2016: Download

3rd May 2016: Download

19th May 2016: Download

2nd June 2016: Download

14th June 2016: Download

30th June 2016: Download

10th August 2016: Download

30th August 2016: Download

14th September 2016: Download

5th October 2016: Download

19th October 2016: Download

13th December 2016: Download

12th January 2017: Download

26th January 2017: Download

8th March 2017: Download

13th April 2017: Download

2nd August 2017: Download

19th October 2017: Download

 Focus Group Notes

Business and Transport Focus Group – 31st July 2013: Download

Business and Transport Focus Group – 28th August 2913: Download

Business and Transport Focus Group – 12th September 2013: Download

Business and Transport Focus Group – 2nd October 2013: Download

Housing Focus Group – 7th August 2013: Download

Housing Focus Group – 4th September 2013: Download

Housing Focus Group – 18th September 2013: Download

Public Realm Focus Group – 24th July 2013: Download

Public Realm Focus Group – 18th September 2013: Download