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First Public Consultation Summary Report

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group have now published their Summary Report from the First Public Consultation and this can be downloaded here.

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New housing and the Town boundary

As we now have likes on the Facebook page, we want to ask a few questions. We want the locals who live in Cricklade to comment on the issues that face the community in the future.

So here is the first question.

In relation to land use and development over the next 20 years, and bearing in mind that Cricklade will […]

Working Party and Focus Group Notes

Neighbourhood Plan Working Party and Focus Group Notes have now been added to the document library. These will be added to from time to time as and when the meetings take place.

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The Next Phase

The Cricklade Neighbourhood Plan has moved into the next phase, as the focus group members met for the first time last night. This follows the public consultation in April when members of the community were invited to give their thoughts and comments of potential development ideas for Cricklade over the next 20 years. There is still an opportunity to […]

Initial Consultation Closed

The initial period of consultation is now closed and the steering group are currently compiling the feedback, which will be passed on to focus groups who will carry out the next round of work. Updates on progress will be provided from time to time via the news page of this website.

Annual Town Meeting

For those people who have not seen the displays but would still like to – they will be on show at tonight’s Annual Town Meeting from 6:30pm onwards at Cricklade United Church, Calcutt Street.

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Consultation Event on April 11th

Another thank you to all those residents who took part in the consultation event yesterday. We had a further 191 people attend the event, as well as some who came on Saturday and wanted to visit again, making a total of 450 people over the two days. The feedback from you all was once again excellent. For those of you who took […]

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Consultation Event on April 6th

Just a thank you to all those residents who took part in the consultation event yesterday. We had 259 people attend the event and the feedback from you all was excellent. For those of you who took questionnaires away to complete at home please drop them into the Town Council offices when you next pass or, if you intend […]

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Area Designation Decision

The Cricklade Neighbourhood Area Designation application was formally approved, under Section 61G of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 as amended, on 28th February 2013. This marks the first stage in the process for the development of a Cricklade Neighbourhood Plan.

Consultation Event April 6th & April 11th

Saturday April 6th: 10:00am until 4:00pm
Thursday April 11th: 1:00pm until 7:00pm
Free refreshments available

The Cricklade Neighbourhood Plan is all about the use of land within the parish of Cricklade up to 2026. It is the way to take forward the land use related aspirations expressed in the recently completed Town Plan, within the constraints
imposed by national planning policies […]

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