As we now have likes on the Facebook page, we want to ask a few questions. We want the locals who live in Cricklade to comment on the issues that face the community in the future.

So here is the first question.

In relation to land use and development over the next 20 years, and bearing in mind that Cricklade will need to take its proportion of new homes and opportunities for employment, would you prefer to see new homes and business being built:

A) within the existing boundary of the town and on small scale developments as in- fill (say up to 10 homes)


B) outside the established town boundary and in larger settlements (say larger than 10 homes).


C) a mixture of the above

Please add your reply A, B or C as well as helpful comments and please bear in mind that I (Town Clerk) am using the responses to build evidence to put in the Neighbourhood Plan.