Important News July 2017:

Wiltshire Council have now commenced their period of public consultation into our Draft Plan. The documentation and response form can be accessed at their online consultation portal http://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/planning-neighbourhood-consultations. Alternatively, hard copy is available to read at the Town Council office. The period of consultation runs to 18th September 2017.

To read the Draft Plan please click here

The Consultation Statement records the various stages of consultation with residents, statutory bodies and developers etc, and it details the amendments to the Draft Plan that have been made following the most recent Regulation 14 consultation. It can be read here

The Basic Conditions Statement sets out how the Draft Plan complies with EU, national and local strategic planning requirements and can be read here

Welcome to the Cricklade Neighbourhood Plan website.

Following on from the good work done by local volunteers towards the draft Town Plan, a Working Party of Councillors and professional volunteers has been established to draw together a Neighbourhood Plan for Cricklade. Its contents will be legally binding on the Local Planning Authority and concerned with future land use (housing, employment, open spaces, leisure and infrastructure).  This involves a much more formal process than that for the Town Plan as it is led by legislation and means that the needs of the community will be legally recognised.

The current composition of the Working Party is: Mark Clarke (Chair), John Coole, Lesley Cowley, Neil Dixon, Bob Jones, Tim Russell, Ruth Szybiak, Henning Totz, supported by a Cricklade Town Council officer.

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So, what exactly is a Neighbourhood Plan?

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